Bill Murray, Angela Lansbury Check Into Wes Anderson's 'Grand Budapest Hotel'

Bill Murray Angela Lansbury

For Wes Anderson, using familiar actors in his productions is having like a big security blanket around. And lucky for him, that security blanket comes in the form of Bill freaking Murray.

Murray has starred in all but one of Anderson's films (the exception being "Bottle Rocket"), and it seems as though he had no plans to sit "The Grand Budapest Hotel" out. He's confirmed to Vulture that he's headed to Germany to film a role in the flick. And he's not the only exciting new cast member to come on board.

After casting relatively unknown child actors as his leads in "Moonrise Kingdom," Anderson has brought together one of his most prestigious casts to date. In addition to Murray, Angela Lansbury has also signed on to head to "The Grand Budapest Hotel," though she was quick to inform UK magazine The Gentle Woman (via The Film Stage) that she doesn't have much screen time.

"I’m playing a woman of mystery, it’s a miniscule role," she said. "I’m on the screen probably for less than five minutes."

It doesn't matter how long either of these two actors are actually in this movie, as word of their involvement is exciting enough as is. Both Lansbury and Murray were on Anderson's wishlist for the film that he revealed back in July. So far he's gotten most of the people he's approached about the project, including Johnny Depp, Owen Wilson and Jude Law. Anderson also said he would like Edward Norton, Willem Dafoe, Adrien Brody and Jeff Goldblum to be involved. We should be so lucky.

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