'Sherlock Holmes 3' More 'When' Than 'If,' According To Jude Law

The sheer mass of Sherlock Holmes-based material hasn't seemed to slow down the current big screen team behind the famous detective and Dr. Watson. MTV News caught up with Jude Law during the Toronto International Film Festival, where he was promoting his new film with Joe Wright, "Anna Karenina," to talk about the next installment.

"We were already, as with the first one, talking about the second," Law said. "On the second, we were talking about ideas for the third and where we could go.

The actor spoke fondly of the team behind the films and their passion for the material. From the way he talks about the series, it seems like "Holmes 3" is a foregone conclusion.

"There's a real team there, a real passionate team to get on and really enjoy each other's company and also are happy the world has embraced our take on that wonderful duo," Law said. "We've got lots of ideas. I think there's a script being played, toyed around with. Robert is busy saving the world in other ways, and I'm doing my thing. It's a matter of 'when' not 'if,' I think."

But where do they go for a third "Holmes"? Law said there are many possibilities, but he wouldn't get too specific. "We want to raise the bar. We don't want to throw too much at it because then it becomes gaudy. We want to look at what works, and we also want to keep it fresh and exciting," he said. "The good news is, you look back at the tome of work that Conan Doyle did and there are so many possibilities of what you can interweave and what you can use. I don't know. I'm not going to give anything away."