'Baywatch' Movie Adds 'Reno 911!' Co-Creator: Expect Mustaches And Awkward Humor


Expect the upcoming Paramount reboot of "Baywatch" to have a lot more weird humor than the original TV show had.

It turns out that "Reno 911!" co-creator and star Robert Ben Garant has signed on to direct the upcoming movie. Vulture has the news, explaining that the intent is to have this "Baywatch" remake do "for that long-running series what 'Reno 911!' did for 'COPS.'"

The project has transformed from an original action-oriented idea to a comedy penned by Jeremy Garelick. "Rescue Me's" Peter Tolan then reworked it, but it's likely that Garant will put his two cents into the final script as well. A recent report claims Justin Timberlake could star in the movie.

Tolan's script has been compared to "Stripes" instead of the Pamela Anderson-starring TV show, which is appropriate because Ivan Reitman is producing the flick. /Film reports that Garelick and Tolan both have admitted to not knowing much about "Baywatch," so we probably shouldn't expect much of a loving homage.

Back in 2009, the plot of this new project was said to follow "two ill-suited lifeguard candidates struggling to pass muster with the hardbodies already on staff." It's unclear whether that premise has changed over the past three years. As long as David Hasselhoff is brought on board in some capacity, we'll be happy.

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