'42' Trailer: Jay-Z Welcomes Jackie Robinson Back To Brooklyn

42 Jackie Robinson

By Colin Greten

"Trouble with the Curve" is officially in theaters today, however its different premiere that has die-hard baseball fans excited. The trailer for the new Jackie Robinson movie, "42," is here, and with Jay-Z's "Brooklyn We Go Hard" in the background the film already looks like a homerun.

"42" (Robinson's number) chronicles the story of Jackie Robinson, who became the first African American to play in the modern era of Major League Baseball in 1947, despite the fact that America itself was still very segregated. The trailer conveys the film's depth, detailing not only Robinson's fame and success but his struggle to get to that point and his impact on society as a whole.

This film will be the first about Robinson since "The Jackie Robinson Story" (1950), which starred the baseball legend playing himself and focused more on the positive aspects of his rise to prominence without getting too controversial in any way. Although his path may have not been as glamorous as it seems, Robinson's ability to ignore all the racism directed towards him helped make him an icon.

Chadwick Boseman, a relatively unknown actor, will play the legendary Robinson, alongside box office legend Harrison Ford, who plays then Brooklyn Dodger general manager, Branch Rickey.

The film's release is scheduled for 2013 and this first trailer is sure to make fans anxious for its arrival.

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