Five Reasons To See 'House At The End Of The Street'


This week, we get the pleasure of seeing Jennifer Lawrence wade into unfamiliar territory as the heroine of an old fashioned horror movie. "House at the End of the Street" pits Lawrence against the deranged younger sister of a boy she likes, and the Academy Award-nominated actress shines through as always.

Here are our five reasons to see "House at the End of the Street."

Jennifer Lawrence: Always Great

As she stars in more movies, it's becoming readily apparent that Lawrence will be good in every movie she's in. Whether it's searching for her meth-addicted father in the Ozarks, killing other kids, or running away from a secret basement sister, Lawrence brings life and charm to any role, helping to connect quickly with her character. "House at the End of the Street" is no exception, even when her character, Elissa, makes some poor, "going into the basement"-related decisions.

Max Thieriot: Super Creepy

We know he's misunderstood and everything, but Ryan Jacobson is one creepy neighbor. As the only (supposedly) remaining member of the Jacobson family, Ryan has stayed behind in the house where his little sister murdered their parents. Naturally, Elissa's mom, played by Elizabeth Shue, doesn't want her hanging out with the boy who lives in the house at the end of the street, and that's probably for a good reason.

Jennifer Lawrence Singing…Kinda

Several of the ads for "House at the End of the Street" featured Lawrence strumming on a guitar, singing a song about love, which, for us, would have justified a visit to theater by itself. And we do get plenty of shots of Elissa belting out some tunes by herself and even with a band, but unfortunately, that's not Lawrence singing. The voice actually belongs to a musician named Sarah Rayne, but at the very least, it's fun to pretend it's JLaw.

All Is Not As It Seems

We're going to tread carefully here as to not spoil anything, but suffice it to say that if you've seen the trailers and previews for "House at the End of the Street," there's still a big element of the story that you're missing. When we finally get a look at the bigger picture, it definitely comes as a surprise.

Kick Off Horror Movie Season

Believe it or not, Halloween is just a few weeks away, and "House at the End of the Street" should prepare you for the oncoming onslaught of horror movies that will shortly be coming your way in October. After months and months of superhero antics, it's nice to slip back into Fall movie mode and get a good scare once in a while.

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