'47 Ronin' Faces More Problems, Director Pulled From Editing Room

The production on "47 Ronin" continues to run into more problems as Universal has reportedly pulled director Carl Rinsch from the editing room.

The movie has already been delayed twice, most recently all the way back to Christmas 2013. At the time the delay had been attributed to reshoots, but it seems like the film's problems could be bigger than that.

The Wrap reports that Universal co-chairwoman Donna Langley has taken over editing duties now that Rinsch has been relieved, but adds that the budget on the movie has grown to $225 million. Considering all the issues the film has had on its way to the big screen, that is a dangerously big number that the movie would have to make half a billion dollars to make back.

It's worth noting that a Universal executive disputed the $225 million number that The Wrap heard from their source, claiming that the budget hasn't gone over the original $175 million. Either way, that's a big budget for a movie that's had more than its fair share of problems.

"47 Ronin" recently completed a round of reshoots in London that inserted Keanu Reeves' character into several main moments of the film, including the big final battle scene. His character Kai was originally not present at the battle, but the scene now depicts him facing off against a supernatural creature. The reshoots also added "a love scene, close-ups and individual lines to boost Reeves' presence."

This is Rinsch's first feature film, and The Wrap reports that it got a bit out of his control. "An individual close to the movie ... said that the director, a veteran of Heineken and BMW commercials on his first feature film, had buckled under the pressure of the ambitious shoot of '47 Ronin,' and the studio had to step in to micromanage the latest round of reshoots from half a world away," the outlet writes. We don't know if that's entirely the case, but it's clear that there are some big hurdles to be cleared before "47 Ronin" can finally, finally see the light of day.

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