Arnold Schwarzenegger In 'Ten' Won't Be The Arnold We Know

The on-screen persona of Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for a few key ingredients. He's got muscles and Bond-like post-kill quips. That's how it has been since "Commando," and some action die-hards never want to see that change.

David Ayer has other plans. The "End of Watch" director will be working with Schwarzenegger next on "Ten," a still under-wraps production that will also star Sam Worthington, Joe Manganiello, and Josh Holloway.

When MTV News spoke with Ayer at the press day for "End of Watch," he promised to introduce the world to a different Arnold. "We're going to reinvent the guy. It's going to be a new Arnold," he said. "I'm going to transform him."

Transform Arnold? But surely the quips are still going to be there? "He's playing a real guy, a real guy in the real world," Ayer said. "[Quips are] not how I roll."

Ayer wouldn't give up too much about the plot or Schwarzenegger's character, other than "He plays the leader of a DEA tactical team, and that's about all I can say."

But even though Ayer plans on reinventing Schwarzenegger, there were plans at one point to remake the movie that created that persona, "Commando." Ayer said it was still a possibility, but uncertain at this point.

"You know, who knows. Things circulate in this business. Maybe that baton will come back around and I'll run with it," he said. "[But] it's 'Taken,' right? It's a great story line. A guy loses his lady and wants to get her back. But it's a little bit in the pantheon of '80s action movies, and that's scary to touch. A lot of guys out there want [those movies] left alone."

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