'Liz & Dick' Poster: Elizabeth Taylor Or Just Dark-Haired Lindsay Lohan?

Liz & Dick

Amid more personal troubles for Lindsay Lohan, Lifetime has dropped the poster (via AceShowBiz) for the actress' upcoming TV movie, "Liz & Dick," based on the life of Elizabeth Taylor. And, given how much of a spotlight has been put on both the late actress and Lohan over the years, the casting just might be a mark of genius on Lifetime's part.

On it, Lohan rocks a black bob, black cocktail dress and enough diamonds and rubies to make Liz a bit jealous. While, the look is a pretty spot-on take of the style of Taylor, it's the words splashed across the poster that not only speak to Liz's life, but also Lohan's.

"Controversial," "Tabloid Front Page," "Child Star," "Paparazzi" and "Scandal" are among the terms that not only define the life of Liz, but also Lohan.

Liz and Dick

The film will premiere on the TV network in November. It also stars Grant Bowler t as Taylor's real-life and on-screen leading man Richard Burton. She spent her summer filming the TV movie, with made-for-TV movie expert Lloyd Kramer in the director's chair. She's also set to star in the Brett Easton Ellis-penned drama, "The Canyons," and she will make a cameo alongside Charlie Sheen in "Scary Movie 5."

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