New 'Hobbit' Footage Debuts Online As Alternate Trailers


Not to sound ungrateful, but the newest trailer for "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" left us wanting more. Not because there wasn't enough epic material in the preview, but because we know they have more.

But four extended scenes were sneakily hidden on the official Warner Bros website for "The Hobbit." (Well, not sneakily. We just didn't know about them right away.)

And they're actually pretty good. One scene in particular gives us another generous look at "Riddles in the Dark," this time focusing on the already conflicted Gollum, who discusses with himself whether to help Bilbo or not.

You can check out all of the alternate endings (via Bleeding Cool) after the jump!

The clips take the place of the hilarious kicker in the theatrical trailer, where the goblin king falls on the already crushed dwarves. For the most part they are short and fairly ordinary moments, but they all have the charm and the humor that we've been seeing so far from this trilogy.

There's also the memorable scene from the book of eternal elven badass Elrond, reading the names off of the swords Gandalf and the dwarves found. Bilbo gets a little disappointed when his tiny dagger, the soon-to-be named "Sting," doesn't get a name.

The clips give us a better sense of what an actual scene from the film will be like, and we are not disappointed.

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" hits theaters on December 14.

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