'Jack Ryan' Starts Production: Our Hopes, Dreams, And Fears

Jack Ryan

"Jack Ryan," the newest adventure of Tom Clancy's signature hero, officially started production, and while we have high hopes for star Chris Pine and director/villain Kenneth Branaugh, there are also a few nagging fears that have us wondering how this will all play out.

These are our Hopes, Dreams, and Fears for "Jack Ryan."


It wasn't that long ago that Tom Clancy was responsible for some of Hollywood's best and most popular thrillers, but in the decade since "The Sum of All Fears," the author's movie presence has been sorely missed. If handedly intelligently (and this is where we thank our lucky stars for Kenneth Branaugh), "Jack Ryan" could help set off a string of strong Clancy adaptations. We've had to sit through too many bland thrillers in recent years to stomach anything short of Clancy's best.


Rumors have already begun to make the rounds on the web that "Jack Ryan" will kick off a series of interconnected Clancy adaptations, with "Without Remorse" coming next, which supposedly has Tom Hardy circling the role of John Clark. It's not hard to notice that this plan is not unlike how Marvel handled their heroes. By that model, Tom Hardy should lock up his "Without Remorse" role while "Jack Ryan" is still filming and make a cameo, but that's just us letting our imaginations run wild.


In short: "This Means War."

This summer has shown studios that you can't get the same mileage out of a bland action movie the way you used to, and there are few established action heroes that potentially lend themselves to generic reshaping like Jack Ryan. I mean, just look at his name. Tom Clancy's heroes have always had the edge and the complex psyche most big budget films stay away from, so here's a chance to break the mold and give us a Chris Pine CIA movie that we deserve.

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