Daniel Radcliffe Will 'Flex New Muscles' With 'Horns'

Though "Horns" on the surface might seem similar to "Harry Potter"—it's a fantasy novel that tells the story of a young man who discovers he has supernatural powers—it's anything but. That's why Daniel Radcliffe chose to tackle the project when the opportunity arose earlier this year: he wanted to show he shouldn't be pigeonholed.

"I always liked the idea that ['Hills Have Eyes' director] Alex [Aja] and I are in kind of similar places, where everybody is very willing to put us both in boxes and assume that there are certain things we do and certain things we don't want to do," Radcliffe said. "I think we're both very keen to flex new muscles, both of us."

It helps that "Horns" has a great and unique story. Based on the Joe Hill novel of the same name, the movie will follow a man named Ig Perrish who becomes the primary subject after his girlfriend is brutally raped and murdered. When he wakes to find he has grown a set of horns and has the ability to make people confess their darkest sins, he begins to use those to his advantage to help solve the mystery surrounding his girlfriend.

"The script is so good, the story," Radcliffe said. "There's nothing really, I think, that can be so exciting to an actor as an original idea. It's an original idea that's tackled in an original, fresh and vibrant way."

Still, the whole "horned" look has been done before, and Radcliffe and Aja want to make sure that their movie stands apart. Since this is an opportunity for both of them to try something new, they want to show that they can excel at it.

"Hellboy is what we're trying to avoid," he laughed. "It's not going to be that on-the-nose. It is interesting. There will be a lot of prosthetics involved towards the end, because some terrible things happen to my character."

"Horns" will start filming this fall.

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