Hear The ‘Prometheus’ Engineer Speak In New Deleted Scene

Ever wondered what exactly the Engineer sounds like when he’s talking to Peter Weyland and David in “Prometheus“? Well, wonder no more, because a deleted clip from the movie shows exactly that.

The clip in question (below the jump) could be considered spoilery for those who haven’t seen the movie, so venture forth with caution. Comic Book Movie posted the video, which comes from the upcoming Blu-ray release of the movie. This is just one of the many deleted scenes and featurette teases we’ve had in recent weeks. Considering there’s 15 minutes of deleted scenes on the Blu-ray, there’s still plenty to look forward to.

In other “Prometheus” news, the appropriately titled Prometheus News has found a track that wasn’t included in the official “Prometheus” soundtrack. It takes place when Elizabeth Shaw goes out into the storm on LV-223 to retrieve the Engineer’s decapitated head. Take a listen to it below:

Embedded from www.youtube.com.