Leading Man Chris Evans Actually Prefers Smaller Roles

There are a few things you might notice about Chis Evans' role in the indie crime drama, "The Iceman." The killer he pays in the film is definitely not a hero like Captain America, but it's his hair that might strike you first.

When MTV News spoke with the first Avenger at the Toronto International Film Festival, the topic of the hair came up immediately. Unfortunately, the 70s era locks are not Evans'.

"It's a great wig, though," Evans said. "Isn't it?"

In "The Iceman," Evans plays Robert Pronge, a sort-of sidekick to Michael Shannon's titular hitman. Evans said that even though Pronge had a basis in rea life, the filmmakers were allowed some freedom. "It's obviously based on a real character, but if you Google the guy, there's really not much about him," Evans said. "He really stayed off the grid, so we had some freedom to take some liberties."

What eventually attracted Evans to "The Iceman" was how different it was from everything else he had done recently. "It just felt like something different. It came on the heels of doing the Captain America stuff," he said. "You play a certain character for a long enough time, you start wanting something different, and this couldn't be more different. It felt like a fun challenge."

Despite his recent rising star, Evans favors smaller roles, something that may not please his manager. "I love small roles," Evans said. "If I could live my entire career with just small role. They're usually a lot more fun. It's a nice balance. They're just more fun to me. Being the lead sometimes, it's not my cup of tea."

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