RoboCop Looks Like Batman Now


Get ready to meet a whole new RoboCop.

Ever since Jose Padilha's remake of the 1987 cult classic was announced, we've known the movie was going to be different from the original. But we didn't know how different until released a new batch of set photos showing off the character's new suit. A hulking tower of metal no more, the new RoboCop armor looks like it could easily be something out of a Christopher Nolan movie, and that's definitely not a bad thing. It will be interesting to see how his new svelte look translates into the movie. It certainly could make RoboCop that much more intimidating.

Also new is the full "RoboCop" teaser banner. The poster was first released back in June at the Licensing Expo held in Las Vegas, but now Cine1 finally has a higher quality look at the image. With the set photos for context, it's clear that we're seeing an official tease of RoboCop's new armor in this banner. Hopefully the red lining means RoboCop's suit will get a bit more pizzazz that we see in those pictures.


"RoboCop" follows a Detroit police officer named Alex Murphy who is killed while trying to fend off some local criminals. He is given a second lease on life by OmniCorp, and is resurrected as a mostly-robotic crime fighting machine. Joel Kinnaman will play Murphy, Gary Oldman will play the scientist who creates his alterego, Abbie Cornish is Murphy's wife (who was only seen in flashbacks in the original "RoboCop") and Samuel L. Jackson will play a charismatic media mogul. Meanwhile, Michael Kenneth Williams will play Murphy's partner, Michael Keaton will play the villainous head of OmniCorp and Jennifer Ehle will play a character named "Liz Kline." "RoboCop" is due in theaters on August 9, 2013.

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