'Godzilla': Everything We Know So Far


After wowing fans at Comic-Con, "Godzilla" is going to be storming into theaters on May 16, 2014.

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures made the announcement today via press release, and we couldn't be more excited. We don't know much about the new take on the classic monster movie, but everything we do know has us intrigued. With less than two years until Gareth Edwards' take on "Godzilla" hits theaters, we have plenty more time to learn about the plot, see the titular monster and find out just how gritty this project will get. But, for now, here's a rundown of the facts we do know about "Godzilla" after the jump.

The Director

Edwards burst onto the Hollywood scene in 2010 with his low-budget sci-fi horror film "Monsters." The movie was on par with "District 9" for being a fantastic monster movie made with limited money, and Edwards earned a lot of praise for creating superb visual effects himself with off the shelf equipment. We assume that that's why he's being brought on board for "Godzilla": a big monster movie without a bloated budget should sound fantastic to any Hollywood studio after debacles like "John Carter" this year.

The Comic-Con Tease

The first we saw of "Godzilla" was at Comic-Con earlier this year when Edwards came out to debut a concept trailer for the movie. It was overlaid with quotes from Manhattan Project participant J. Robert Oppenheimer about the atomic bomb, leading us to believe that this flick will have the same atomic energy themes the original "Godzilla" did. And at least that quick tease proved that Edwards' Godzilla should look great.

The 3D

Warner Bros. dropped the "3D" bomb on us at the tail end of their press release, and we wish we knew more about it. Will "Godzilla" be shot in 3D or post-converted like it was just announced "Pacific Rim" would be? We hope the former, because we still haven't been especially impressed with the post-conversion process. Yes, it has gotten much better since "Clash of the Titans," but we like our 3D to be an active part of the filmmaking process and not just an afterthought.

The Competition

Does that release date sound familiar? Well, it should be. May 16, 2014 is also the day that Jonathan Liebesman and Michael Bay's much talked about "Nina Turtles" reboot is going to hit theaters. There's a good chance one of the studios behind these projects will move their film so there's no competition, but it seems like it's going to be aliens versus kaiju two summers from now (and, of course, next summer in "Pacific Rim").

The Monster

The press release issued by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures (via ComingSoon.net) promises a return to the "Godzilla" fans know and love. According to the release, this movie will "return the character to its epic roots with a gritty, realistic actioner." Whether that is just the studio's way of garnering fan interest in the reboot or an actual promise of what's to come, WB can count us on board.

Are you looking forward to Edwards' take on "Godzilla"? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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