'Rumor Has It' Adele Just Recorded The Next Bond Theme Song

Bond Skyfall

As the November 9 US release date for "Skyfall" grows nearer and near, all of the element for a great Bond movie seem to be in place. There's Daniel Craig, acting as badass as ever. Javier Bardem could make a classic villain. The lovely ladies of "Skyfall," Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris, are lovely. Everything's there except for one thing: the song.

But that may have already been taken care of. According to reports from the British tabloid "The Sun" (via MI6), Adele just recorded the theme for "Skyfall" at Abbey Road studios, where composer Thomas Newman is working on the soundtrack.

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While Adele's involvement hasn't been confirmed, she all but told Jonathan Ross a year ago that she was doing it. Watch her awkward near-confession below.

Honestly, an Adele-Bond collaboration is a no-brainer. Craig and director Sam Mendes have gone on record saying that they wanted "Skyfall" to be a British Bond movie, and there is no bigger British recording artist at the moment. If Adele is the pick, it's just another smart move in a series of wise decision that have come out of the latest entry.

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