See What 'Titanic' Looks Like Without Leonardo DiCaprio

Jeremy Sisto Titanic

Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't always the man for the job as Jack in "Titanic." Christian Bale nearly scored the role, and Elton from "Clueless," aka Jeremy Sisto, even did a screen test, which has now hit the web.

You can check out the clip—which makes for an unnervingly long eight minutes—after the jump!

(via Yahoo! Movies)

Where do we even begin?

First of all, this screen test reaches Eric Stoltz in "Back to the Future" levels of strangeness. It really shows how much of the character came from Leo, since whoever that guy is in the clip is not Jack Dawson, dammit.

At the same time, it makes us wonder what a full-blown Jeremy Sisto version of "Titanic" would be like. Think about it. The casting would have added a whole new dimension to Rose's character, since she only seems to be attracted to men who look kind of like Billy Zane.

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