Hear Tom Hanks' Eulogy And Spot-On Impersonation Of Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan

The stars came out in full force to say goodbye to Michael Clarke Duncan at his funeral yesterday.

The beloved actor passed away on September 3 due to complications after a heart attack in July, and a number of celebrities like Tom Hanks, Jay Leno, Stevie Wonder and Frank Darabont attended his funeral to wish him farewell.

CNN has a particularly touching clip from Hanks's speech at the funeral, where he recalls a story Duncan told him about his experience with Chicago gangs growing up. Note: Hanks does a fantastic impression of Duncan.

Hanks wasn't the only man to have kind words for Duncan. Leno was apparently the first person to get choked up while he was describing how the "Green Mile" star was one of the kindest men in Hollywood.

"In this cynical world of Hollywood, here was a guy who was happy for every job he got," Leno said, via People. "Just to see such a pure heart and pure kindness ... and to see him taken so early, there really are no sadder words than what might have been."

Darabont came to read a letter from "Green Mile" author Stephen King about Duncan which said, “No one has ever done a character I wrote more justice," ScreenCrush reports. Duncan's fiancé Omarosa Manigault was sobbing heavily when she described how her longtime love always stood up for her bad girl "The Apprentice" image.

" 'Aren't you that mean girl from "The Apprentice"?' " she said, recalling the pick-up line he'd use when he met her at the supermarket. "And then he worked every single day of our relationship to change that perception of me. The man you knew as an actor was my best friend."

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