What Did Paul McCartney Think Of 'Perks' (And How Do We Know He Wasn't Lying)?

MTV News is currently up in Canada covering the Toronto International Film Festival and learning about all of the exciting movies we'll be treated to in the next few months, but Logan Lerman taught us something we weren't expecting.

If Paul McCartney doesn't like your movie, he won't tell you.

The former Beatle caught an early screening of Lerman's new movie, "Perks of Being a Wallflower," and the actor got a chance to meet McCartney afterward.

"I had to present the movie for this screening out in New York, and Sir Paul was there, and it was probably one of the coolest moments of my life," Lerman said. "I got to meet him, and he was complimenting the movie, and it was so crazy, because I was like, 'You're the most influential musician alive!' "

Thankfully, Lerman didn't need to heap compliments onto McCartney. He liked the movie on his own.

"He was talking to me most of the time, and I got really nervous. I said, 'Yeah, but you wouldn't tell me the truth if you didn't like it, right?' " Lerman said.. "[I thought] 'This isn't really happening.' He said, 'No I just would have left really quick, man, I just would have got out of here.' "

So if you invite Paul McCartney to see your movie and he bolts after a screening, it's pretty clear what he thought.