See First Footage Of Daniel Day-Lewis As 'Lincoln' In Trailer Teaser


We're all waiting with bated breath for the premiere of the first "Lincoln" trailer, for Daniel Day-Lewis to explode all of our heads with his sure-to-be insane take on the sixteenth president, and to see his face added to the five dollar bill because it looks way more like Lincoln.

As we reported last week, the trailer for Steven Spielberg's biopic is going to debut later this week as a part of a Google+ hangout, and then after the premiere, the director and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will take part in a group chat to talk about the movie.

To catch a teaser for the trailer and your first look at "Lincoln" footage, click past the jump!

Obviously, the teaser doesn't just hand us a good look at Day-Lewis as Lincoln, but we're able to get a feel for the look of the film and the trailer.

"Lincoln" opens in limited release on November 9.

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