'Star Trek Into Darkness' Confirmed As Sequel Title

Star Trek

Throw away your "Untitled Star Trek Sequel." Forget all about "Star Trek 2." None of these stand-in titles for J.J. Abrams' follow-up to his 2009 reboot matter anymore because we may finally have an official one, "Star Trek Into Darkness."

The title saga goes all the way back to January when the sequel began production in an official capacity. While many assumed the usual "2" treatment, that would prove problematic for the "Star Trek" franchise, since there is already a "II," and it's the best one.

Then at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Damon Lindelof explained that a title was harder to crack than they originally thought, considering that a "2" was out of the question and because of the creative team's dislike for "colon" titles. (Sorry to all those hoping and praying for "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Cumberbatch.")

"There's no word that comes after the colon after 'Star Trek' that's cool," Lindelof said. "Not that 'Star Trek: Insurrection' or 'First Contact' aren't good titles, it's just that everything that people are turned off about when it comes to 'Trek' is represented by the colon."

Toward the end of last week TrekMovie.com learned that Abrams had finally decided on a title with the implication being that we would soon find out. The movie is only eight months from release, after all.

Shortly thereafter, ComingSoon.net uncovered registered domains in the name "Star Trek Into Dark," and TrekMovie.com later confirmed the title.

So there you (may) have it. As promised, "Star Trek Into Darkness" doesn't lean on the omnipresent colon, and instead opts for a more "Die Hard"-esque completing of phrase, which gave us some ideas for future series titles. Coming in 2016: "Star Trek With a Vengeance, and in 2020: "A Good Day to Star Trek."

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