'Skyfall' Featurette Goes Behind The Opening Sequence


Anyone familiar with Bond movies know that the pre-credit action sequence is one of the most important elements of the 007 formula. The opener can be short, sweet, and even self-contained, but it has to make an impression.

So after four years away from the big screen, Bond, Daniel Craig, and director Sam Mendes have double the pressure to deliver an action-filled opening with "Skyfall."

We've seen bits and pieces of the seemingly epic chase that opens the films thanks to the theatrical trailer, but a new featurette over at IGN takes a look behind the making of the scene.

Check it out after the jump!

The chase takes Bond all over Istanbul after a mission goes wrong. There are cars, bikes, a train, and Craig looking as stylist as ever as the agent with a license to kill.

"Skyfall" hits theaters on November 9.

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