TIFF Review Roundup: 'Looper' And 'Argo' Score Early Raves


We're a few days into one of the biggest Toronto International Film Festival line-ups in recent years, and already opinions on some of this year's most anticipated releases have begun to roll out.

The folks over at Film.com have a few representatives up at TIFF, who have been kind enough to catch some of these titles and let us know what they think.


Grade: A-

In an age where filmmakers are more likely to to shrug and suggest you simply embrace mystery, writer-director Rian Johnson ("The Brothers Bloom") draws a line in the sand and says "no." He has ideas – fun ideas – and he’s got a story to tell. Fans of rich sci-fi may want to keep a handkerchief on hand lest they find themselves drooling, while those who simply like a fun adventure with great actors in juicy roles ought to have a good ride, too. "Looper" is, no doubt about it, a terrific film. -Jordan Hoffman


Grade: A

"Argo" is definitely worth seeing in theaters, maintaining a serious "Spy Game" meets "The Kingdom" vibe of fast-paced drama. It’s a film that picks up steam throughout, and it ends like a freight train. Kudos to Ben Affleck, actor and director, for delivering a vital and thrilling political actioner. -Laremy Legel

"Anna Karenina"

Grade: C

Not so much for "Anna Karenina," a film that tries twice as hard and feels about four times as long. Though often visually striking, the story never fully takes off, leaving one of the greatest novelized tragedies of the past two centuries entirely bereft of an emotional connection on the big screen. -LL