'Breaking Bad' Recap Video Deserves All Of The Awards

Breaking Bad

Damon Lindelof pointed us in the direction of this fan-made recap that is full of spoilers and awesomeness.

Also, Neville Longbottom becomes a thief and "Safe House" gets a sequel in today's Dailies!

» Try watching this "Breaking Bad" recap without wanting to rewatch the entire series. [YouTube]

» The Week examines "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters." [The Week]

» Watch a trailer for "Twice Born," featuring Emile Hirsch and Penelope Cruz. [The Playlist]

» "Safe House" is getting a sequel for some reason. [THR]

» Apparently, Neville Longbottom turned to a life of crime after Hogwarts. [Collider]

» Paddy Considine just joined Edgar Wright's "At World's End," which will hopefully recreated this magic from "Hot Fuzz." [Twitch]


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