'Lincoln' Trailer To Premiere September 13 During Google+ Hangout


Steven Spielberg is using his historical film "Lincoln" to experiment with one of the technologically advanced trailer launches we've heard of.

Walt Disney Studios sent out a press release saying that the first trailer for "Lincoln" will premiere during a Google+ Hangout session on September 13. The Hangout feature allows groups of people to voice chat together, and both Spielberg and "Lincoln" star Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be on hand to answer questions and video chat with fans about the movie.

The trailer will premiere during this Hangout; a first for the Google+ feature. Apparently the voice chat with Spielberg and Gordon-Levitt will also be broadcast on the ABC SuperSign in Times Square.

It sounds like fans who want to ask questions will be picked ahead of time. The press release offers a set of steps those who want to be involved should follow to try to get face time with Spielberg and Gordon-Levitt.

"Fans interested in participating are asked to upload a short video to their own YouTube channel with the #LincolnHangout tag explaining who they are, why they are interested in 'Lincoln' and what they would like to ask Spielberg and Gordon-Levitt about the film," the release reads.

This is the first footage we'll see of "Lincoln," but so far we haven't needed any. All we've needed is the movie's poster and some production stills featuring Daniel Day-Lewis to get us pumped for the movie. He really is the spitting image of Honest Abe.

"Lincoln" is due in theaters in limited release on November 9, followed by a wide opening on November 16.

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