Ethan Hawke And Julie Delpy Secretly Film ‘Before Midnight’

So remember when we told you that Ethan Hawke and Richard Linklater were just workshopping “Before Midnight” in Greece? They were actually filming it, and they finished last night. Surprise!

Also, “Argo” gets a TV spot, and “Red Dawn” invades Fantastic Fest in today’s Dailies!

» Watch this new TV spot from “Argo.” [The Playlist]

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» “Red Dawn” is actually coming out, and it’s actually closing out Fantastic Fest. [Twitch]

» Barry Levinson is trying his hand at the found footage movie. “The Bay” is the result. [/Film]

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» “Curse of Chucky,” a new “Child’s Play” movie, just went into production. It will be straight to video. [Screen Crush]

» Brother Nash and Joel Edgerton collaborated once again, this time on a Bob Dylan video. [Rolling Stone]

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