'Rust And Bone' Trailer: Marion Cotillard's Next Oscar Nomination

Rust and Bone

Marion Cotillard introduced herself to the world in perhaps the grandest way possible, an Academy Award win for Best Actress with "La vie en rose." Her next big role, the festival circuit regular "Rust and Bone," now seems poised to get her back to Oscar Night.

The film, which is directed by Jacques Audiard of "A Prophet" fame, tells the story of two broken individuals, who find comfort in each other and an unlikely relationship. Both Cotillard's performance and that of her costar, breakout-in-waiting Matthias Schoenaerts, have already earned heaps of praise, but as "Rust and Bone" heads to Toronto, the talk has now turned to Oscar potential.

Check out the trailer and a synopsis after the jump!

It all begins in the North of France. Ali suddenly finds himself with a five-year-old child on his hands. Sam is his son, but he hardly knows him. Homeless, penniless and friendless, Ali takes refuge with his sister in Antibes where things improve immediately. She puts them up in her garage and takes the child under her wing. Ali first runs into Stephanie during a night club brawl. He is poor, she is beautiful and self-assured. She trains killer whales at Marineland. When a performance ends in tragedy, a call in the night again brings them together.

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