Michael Bay Addresses Leaked 'Ninja Turtles' Script


Last week, a draft of the script for the much maligned "Ninja Turtles" reboot made its way onto the internet and thanks to several reviews, the most notable coming from Latino Review, the fan outrage found a whole lot more fuel.

At the heart of the controversy was the supposed structure of the reboot, which casts the turtles as supporting alien characters, there to help a Shia LaBeouf-like character defeat a militarized Foot and a villain called "Schrader," instead of Shredder. It all sounded a little too much like "Transformers" to many fans.

Michael Bay, whose Platinum Dunes is producing the currently stalled project, took to his site Shoot For The Edit to addressed the leaked screenplay and the issues people are taking with it.

The leaked script for Ninja Turtles that different sites continue to comment on was written well before I, or anyone at Platinum Dunes, was involved with the project.

That script saw the shredder a long time ago.

This is tired, old news -- Wait for the movie!


Bay posted one more time in the thread to clarify the mismatching dates on the screenplay and his version of what happened. While Platinum Dunes had signed onto "Turtles" years ago, a deal was not in place until the end of last year, right before the date on the leaked draft.

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