‘Seven Psychopaths’ Red Band Trailer: It’s ‘F–king Great!’

In the words of Colin Farrell, the new red band trailer for “Seven Psychopaths” is “f–king great.”

We’ve been anxiously awaiting director Martin McDonagh’s follow-up to his 2008 debut feature “In Bruges” seemingly since it was announced, and everything new we find out about it further cements that interest. This latest trailer teases everything we’d hoped would be in “Seven Psychopaths”: fantastic writing, great comedic elements, chemistry between the cast and a whole lot of Colin Farrell. Check the trailer out after the jump.

The one thing we find disappointing about this trailer is that we only meet five of the titular seven psychopaths: Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Tom Waits and Woody Harrelson. Abbie Cornish and Olga Kurylenko are also two of the seven, and we didn’t even get a glimpse of them in this teaser (though we did see them in the green band trailer). Hopefully their roles here aren’t indicative of what they are in the full film since we’re really looking forward to seeing what level of crazy they have to add to the mix.

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