'Looper' Clip And Behind The Scenes Photos Offer Willis Two Ways

Looper BTS
One of the most entertaining aspects of "Looper," the upcoming sci-fi thriller from writer-director Rian Johnson, is watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt do his best Bruce Willis. The performance on its own may end up being one of the most interesting of the year, but where it really stands out is during scenes when both Willises share the screen.

A new clip from "Looper" over at Yahoo! Movies puts Gordon-Levitt and Willis across a diner table from each other, taking a good look at their time-traveling selves.

Watch the clip and see two behind-the-scenes photos after the jump!

[gdm_video source="yahoo" video_id="29825246" url="http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/looper/trailers/looper-theatrical-trailer-29825246.html"]


Two new images from behind the scenes have also popped up on the viral site for "Looper." One features Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the makeup chair. The other is a look at one of the movie's chase sequences.

"Looper" opens on September 28.