Liam Neeson's Got A Gun In New 'Taken 2' Photos

Taken 2

In case you needed any more proof that Liam Neeson is going to be a badass in "Taken 2," here are a whole batch of new pictures from the upcoming sequel to the 2008 hit thriller.

The images come courtesy of Kinopoisk (via Collider) and give us an idea of what we can expect from Neeson's character Bryan Mills in the movie. In the stills, we see Mills holding a gun with one hand. We see him holding a gun with both hands. We see him jogging with a gun. We see him locked in hand-to-hand combat while still holding the same gun. If Mills could keep track of his family as easily as he can his weapon of choice, the "Taken" movies would be a lot less interesting.

Fortunately the images also show that Neeson's costars Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen have some excitement in store for them in "Taken 2." They aren't doing anything different in these pictures than they were in the movie's trailers, though, which means Grace is running a lot and Janssen looks very concerned.

Neeson reprises his role as Mills in "Taken 2," but the new movie spins the franchise's premise on its head when this time it's his daughter Kim who needs to save her father and mother from Albanian kidnappers. These criminals are the parents of the many men Mills brutally murdered for kidnapping his daughter in the first "Taken," so they certainly have a good reason for their actions.

"The action is supposed to take place about a year or a year and a half after the first story. It's a very clever sequel with the usual thrills and spills, but the ante is upped quite a bit in this one," Neeson said in a recent interview. "They kidnap him to humiliate him, torture him, and ultimately bring him back to the village in Albania where the boys from the original film came from. With the help of my daughter... she wants to help me escape from where these bad guys have me."

"Taken 2" hits theaters on October 3.

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