Exclusive: Ethan Hawke Confirms 'Before Sunset' Sequel Developing In Greece

Before Sunset

When Ethan Hawke spoke with MTV News for his upcoming horror film "Sinister," he called all the way from Greece. If you've been keeping up with film rumors lately, this might mean something to you, since there has been a rash of reports claiming that Hawke is currently there with Richard Linklater, filming a follow-up to "Before Sunset."

Well, that's partially right.

We asked Hawke what he was up to over in Greece, and he said, "I'm working on a new film with Richard Linklater."

Hawke had previously mentioned to Indiewire that there were plans in place to film a third movie at some point this summer, but that window nearly came and went without any sign of progress.

When we asked Hawke which project he was working on with Linklater, a frequent collaborator, he revealed that they are currently developing the script for a "Before Sunset" sequel in Greece, trying to see if it's worth filming.

"We're here writing a third installment to 'Before Sunrise,' " Hawke said. "If it works out, we'll film it, and if it doesn't, we won't. It's not really worth talking about. I'm just here developing."

Although it may be early in the process, Hawke seemed enthusiastic about the work that's been done so far. "It's super good," he said. "We're just here workshopping it and developing it, trying to create a great script."

So does this mean we'll see Jesse and Celine strolling around in Greece in the near future? We'll have to wait for now, but consider our fingers crossed.

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