Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio, And Tobey Maguire Take On World Of Animal Trafficking

Tom Leo Tobey

Is Hollywood ready for a gritty anti-animal poaching drama in the vein of Steven Soderbergh's Oscar-winner "Traffic"? Actors Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire think so.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the idea for the film came from Hardy, who was inspired by friends who served as operatives in the Special Forces and later went on to become anti-poaching activists in South Africa and other nations.

The "Dark Knight Rises" star has reportedly teamed up with DiCaprio and Maguire to produce the animal trafficking film for Warner Bros., no word yet on whether the three actors will also star in the film, but we'd be even more interested in the project if so. DiCaprio and Maguire are childhood friends who we'll finally get to see onscreen together in next summer's literary epic "The Great Gatsby," and Hardy and DiCaprio became friends from their time together filming "Inception."

The combined acting chops of the trio would likely make for fantastic onscreen fireworks, particularly set within an action-oriented animal rights-themed film. The THR story mentioned "Traffic" as a benchmark for the film's tone, but we're thinking if they add some "Blood Diamond" into the mix they can maintain the intensity of the subject matter without getting too preachy.

Anyone who's ever watched anti-poaching documentaries or specials on the Discovery or National Geographic channels, or super sad "Gorillas in the Mist" for that matter, is well aware of the fact that the world of animal poachers is despicable, insanely dangerous and devious.

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