Michael Fassbender Considering Natalie Portman Western 'Jane Got A Gun'

Michael Fassbender

It seems as though Natalie Portman might have found her ex-lover in the upcoming Lynne Ramsay Western "Jane Got A Gun."

And what better man to play him than Michael Fassbender, who is one of Hollywood's hottest talents this year thanks to a leading role in "Prometheus" and the upcoming projects "Twelve Years a Slave," "The Counselor" and "X-Men: Days of Future Past." Vulture's sources are telling them that Fassbender is in negotiations for the role of the titular Jane's ex-lover in the flick. That character is one of "Jane Got A Gun's" two male leads.

Portman's involvement in the film was first announced back in May. At the time, we learned that the movie follows Jane after her outlaw husband returns to their home "barely alive and riddled with bullet wounds." She then is forced to turn to her ex and ask for his assistance in defending her home from her husband's gang, who are looking to finish off their former member. We can only assume that there's going to be some sexual tension present between Jane and her ex when they do team up with one another.

This is some pretty exciting news for fans of Ramsay. Her last project, "We Need To Talk About Kevin," was one of the most troubling but moving films I've personally seen in a long time. The idea of her taking the strengths of that film and bringing them over to a Western is pretty exciting, especially if Portman and Fassbender are going to be starring in it.

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