'Prometheus' Behind-The-Scene Stills Show Different Take On Fifield Monster


One of the most endearing aspects of "Prometheus" was how lo-fi some of the creature effects were. The Engineers, the zombie-fied Fifield and that little surprise at the end had the look of some classic "Alien" creatures that made us a twinge nostalgic.

But new stills featured in Cinefex magazine (via Blood Disgusting) show an unused version of the Fifield monster post-mask melting, a digital one created by Weta Digital.

The images have wound up online and give us a look at a version of that monster that might have been.

Check out the full photos after the jump!

Though the creature played by Rafe Spall ended up being made largely of practical effects, Ridley Scott filmed two versions of the scene, one featuring Spall acting with the prosthetic and one where the digital character could be added. Here's the full description from Cinefex.


"To mutate Fifield beyond what was possible using practical makeup effects, Weta Digital generated a digital character with elongated limbs and an engorged, transluscent head, incorporating a semblance of Harris' face. Scott filmed the sequence both with the actor in makeup and without, providing clean plates that would allow for the insertion of the digital character. The final cut featured mostly makeup effects, which Weta enhanced with digital wire removal, bullet hits, and one shot of the digital creature's body blended to the actor."

"Prometheus" will be out on Blu-ray and DVD on October 11.

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