VMA Host Kevin Hart Learns To 'Think Like A Man'

"Think Like a Man" wowed audiences back in April when it knocked "The Hunger Games" out of the top spot at the box office with its impressive $33 million debut.

Now the comedy, inspired by Steve Harvey's advice book "Think Like a Lady, Act Like a Man," is set to hit Blu-ray and DVD on August 28.

To celebrate the release of "Think Like a Man," we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip that goes into the head of the film's breakout star and the host of this year's Video Music Awards, Kevin Hart.

In the film, Kevin Hart plays a character by the name of Cedric, who has had his fair share of relationship problems recently. His marriage has disintegrated and now he's looking for a fresh start.

The Blu-ray and DVD of "Act Like a Man" hits shelves on August 28.

Be sure to catch Kevin Hart as he hosts the VMAs on September 6, live on MTV.