New Releases Proved 'Expendable' In Slow Box Office Weekend


It's difficult to say that anyone "won" the box office this weekend. Saturday and Sunday was a typical, late-August dead zone for new releases, all of which fell short of the sums put up by last week's debuts.

"The Expendables 2" added $13.5 million to its total, which now sits at $52.3 million, significantly below where it's predecessor was after its second weekend.

"The Bourne Legacy," "ParaNorman," "The Campaign," and "The Dark Knight Rises" rounded up out the top ten.

It isn't until the 7 spot that we see a new release. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "Premium Rush" crossed the finish line with just $6.3 million, barely beating out the conservative documentary "2016 Obama's America," which has stunned analysts.

The week's other two releases, "Hit and Run" and "The Apparition," came in at 10th and 12th respectively, both taking in less than $5 million.

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