In Which Ari Graynor Learns She's About To Be An Aunt On 'Fringe'

It may be two years since Ari Graynor appeared on "Fringe" as Detective Olivia Dunham's sister, Rachel, but now seems as good a time as any for her big return. Not only is the show going into its last season, but there's also a baby on the way for Olivia and Peter.

That news, however, is—well—news to Graynor, who stopped by the MTV News offices earlier this week. "She has a child? No way! No way! There you go, never know maybe I'll appear for the birth," she joked.

"Then I'll write some emails about it. 'Hey, J.J. [Abrams,] what's happening with me? I know you're really busy. We were thinking about me on the show.' I've never seen the show. I would be in some dimension, I guess if I came back. I would have to be in at least one dimension whatever that one may be."

In the end, though, Graynor just isn't sure any of it will happen. "I don't know, maybe. That was one of those jobs where I was meant to do three episodes and three turned into 10. It's been a long time since I've been on the show, so I don't think I'm coming back," she said. "But you never can tell, especially on a show like that."

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