'Girl Who Played With Fire' Won't Ignite Before 2014

Dragon Tattoo

We haven’t heard anything about the planned sequel to 2011's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" for a while now, so it doesn't come as much of a surprise that the movie isn't slated to hit theaters until at least 2014.

Still, since we haven't heard much about "The Girl Who Played With Fire" at all, it's nice to hear that the project is still in the works. Entertainment Weekly spoke with a source close to the production who says that screenwriter Steven Zaillian is still working on the screenplay for the project, which has lead to some of the hold-up. The movie won't move forward on anything -- casting, location scouting or even getting a director -- until the script is in good shape, so there's no way it can get through production in time for its hoped for late-2013 release date.

David Fincher is Sony's top choice to direct the project, but he isn't attached to it just yet. At least stars Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig are both set for the film, so there won't be any mid-series changes to the cast. As franchises like "James Bond" and "Harry Potter" have proved time and again, a series doesn't need the same director for all three films to still be a great series, so "The Girl Who Played With Fire" could be just fine without Fincher.

The source tells EW that "the film is still definitely moving forward, although the source says that they are not in a rush and at this point there is no information about when it might be released." Our guess is at some point in 2014, since audiences might lose interest in the film if Sony waits any longer than that.

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