There's Something Wrong With Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Dailies!

Looper Banner

The new poster for "Looper" is kind of like a more badass version of Marty McFly fading out of the Polaroid in "Back in the Future," but with hitmen.

Also, Brad Pitt kills them softly, and Aaron Burr gets his redemption in today's Dailies!

» This short film "Aaron Burr, Part 2" examines the true life of one of American history's most maligned characters. []

» Check out this new poster and soundtrack featurette for "Looper." [The Playlist]


» Shirley Temple apparently had some issues. [Reddit]


» These are the myths that actually make sci-fi cool. [io9]

» Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington may visit the "Candy Store" with Stephen Gaghan. (It's actually way cooler than it sounds.) [Collider]

» Speaking of Brad Pitt, here's a bare bones poster for "Killing Them Softly." [Moviefone]

Killing Them Softly

» Eli Roth claims to have figured out the script for a "Thanksgiving" feature. (Video is NSFW.) [/Film]

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