Tickets For 'The Hobbit' At 48 FPS Won't Cost Extra

The Hobbit

We've been intrigued by Peter Jackson's decision to shoot "The Hobbit" at 48 frames-per-second in an attempt to make the 3D experience more immersive, but assumed that the need to bring new technology into movie theater chains for the new format would mean a more expensive movie ticket. It turns out our concerns were unfounded, as Variety is reporting that the movie will cost as much to see in 48 fps in 3D as it does to see it at the normal 24 fps in 3D.

It seems as though Warner Bros. was initially toying with the idea of making the tickets cost more at 48 fps, but opted against making audiences shell out more money once it was announced that "The Hobbit" will only get a limited release in the new format. Considering viewers are already looking at a $3 to $5 price increase for 3D movies, the studio felt that it would be too much to ask audiences to shell out even more money, likely because the 48 fps format is untested on mass audiences.

We'd argue that the studio is making the right decision here. A higher ticket price would likely scare away audience members who don't understand what the higher frame rate means for their viewing experience and who don't want to shell out up to $20 to see the movie. By offering "The Hobbit" at the same cost for 24 fps and 48 fps, it would almost be foolish for those attending not to check out the allegedly better way to watch 3D if it was available in their area. If the film does go over well at the higher frame rate like WB and Peter Jackson hope, then that means word could spread that 48 fps is worth the time and money and the hoped 48 fps revolution could actually come.

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