The Best Non-'Twilight' Movies Starring 'Twilight' Actors

The Apparition

Robert Pattinson didn't always lust for blood. Taylor Lautner only recently started removing his shirt all the time. Granted Kristen Stewart usually runs her fingers through her hair and bites her lip, but not always as Bella.

Believe it or not, the stars of "Twilight" do act in other movies. In fact, the most forward thinking Cullen, Ashley Greene has "The Apparition" out this week.

So in honor of the Ashley Greene movie that doesn't involve fangs, here are our favorite movies starring the cast of "Twilight."


Despite recent—ummm—parallels people have drawn between "Adventureland" and a few current events, this is a movie that examines relations of all kinds in a more adult way than any of the tabloids have. Jesse Eisenberg does his best Jesse Eisenberg opposite Kristen Stewart, doing her best Kristen Stewart, but the two young actors have genuine, albeit awkward, chemistry and portray the intelligent kind of characters that most mainstream comedies shy away from. Draw whatever parallels you like, but there is no denying that this is one of the more under-appreciated movies in years.

"Young Adult"

Esme made a flawless transfer from Forks, WA to Suburbia, MN in the most recent collaboration from the team behind "Juno," director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody. In "Young Adult," Elizabeth Reaser plays the bane of Mavis Gary's existence, Buddy Slade's wife Beth. Esme's motherly instincts shine through, but Beth has more of an edge, playing drums in an all-mom band. The whole movie is a sad, hilarious look at the life of that one girl from high school, and how she may not learn the lesson we're all hoping she does.

"Can't Hardly Wait"

This one goes way, way back into the past, back to when Carlisle was in high school and went by the name Mike Dexter. "Can't Hardly Wait" became a minor phenomenon on video for a certain set of 90s children and launched the career of a lot of actors like Peter Facinelli and Jason Segel. In the movie, Facinelli plays bad guy, then good guy, then bad guy Mike, who thinks he's just doing the cool thing when he dumps his girlfriend Amanda, before he leaves for college.


The starring role may have belonged to Evan Rachel Wood, but the then-15 year-old, Nikki Reed, provided the story and co-wrote the screenplay with her future "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke. "Thirteen" tells the story of a young girl who comes of age in a bad way. Wood plays Tracy, a girl who discovers sex, drugs, and criminal activity, much to the chagrin of her mother, played by Holly Hunter. Reed helped out with a supporting role, as Tracy's bad-news best friend Evie.

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"

We know that Robert Pattinson has made great strides to becoming a "serious" actor, but we're always going to have a sweet spot for the role that won him a place in the hearts of teenage girls years before Bella even moved to Forks. As Cedric Diggory, Pattinson played the tragic good guy that would ultimately position him for his transformation into Edward.

Check out our visit to the set of "The Apparition"!

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