Michael Peña Opens Up About Reshooting 'Gangster Squad'

Gangster Squad

Two weeks ago, Warner Bros. officially announced plans to delay the release of their upcoming drama "Gangster Squad" in order to reshoot a key action sequence in response to the shooting tragedy at the Aurora movie theater.

The original scene, which bared a striking resemblance to the real-life events, would be completely reconceived, and many of the principal actors would return for about a week of filming.

This includes Michael Peña, who spoke with us for our upcoming Fall Movie Preview. You can read what Peña had to say about the reshoots after the jump.

Peña, who had just started filming the new sequence for "Gangster Squad" this week, was due back on set a few hours after our call. He said that despite the previously reported five days of reshoots, Peña wasn't sure how long they would last.

Overall, Peña feels that the extra work is justified. "I think it's the right thing to do, because of that one sequence," he said. "I think that Warner Bros. is doing the responsible thing. They want to be respectful of the incident that happened, and they don't want to stimulate that as well."

Peña confirmed that the entire sequence has been re-conceptualized.

"Gangster Squad" isn't the only film of Peña's that's currently doing some reshoots. He also has Diego Luna's "Chavez," where Peña plays civil rights leader Cesar Chavez.

"Reshoots are always tough because, you do research, research, research," Peña said. "You do all your rehearsals, and you try to get into the mindset. You try to portray the way that it really is and get it as real as possible, but then you don't shoot it for a year almost and then you got to go back into. Hopefully it's like riding a bike."

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