Action Legends Still Pack Box Office Punch With 'Expendables 2'



This past weekend, a bunch of action legends took on a newcomer, and experience won handedly. "The Expendables 2" took out last weekend's champion, "The Bourne Legacy," in a total knockout. The Sylvester Stallone-led action all-star meet-up took in $28.7 million, significantly below the original, which bowed with a $34.8 million debut back in 2010.

"The Bourne Legacy" continued to perform moderately well, adding $17 million to its two week total, which now sits at just under $70 million.

The rest of the weekend's new films were interspersed throughout the top ten, alternating with older releases. "ParaNorman" debuted in third with $14 million, and "Sparkle," Whitney Houston's final film, opened to $12 million, taking fifth place.

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