'Apparition' Set Visit With Ashley Greene Goes Behind The Scream

When the lead actress for an upcoming horror movie describes the villain as, "Basically, it's just this really evil, dark thing that kind of capitalizes on your worst nightmare, your worst fears," we'll probably take her word for it.

That's how Ashley Greene described the evil entity that haunts the characters of "The Apparition," during MTV's visit to the set.

"Basically, it's a young couple who is haunted by this supernatural presence from this experiment that has gone wrong years before," said Greene, explaining the story.

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While there's obviously some evil force at the center of "The Apparition," Stan considers it primarily a love story. "I like to think of it as a story about love," he said. "No, I do! It's a relationship in a certain developmental stage of love. It's about two people, they care a lot about each other. Ultimately, the movie is about strange and unusual circumstances that test that love."

As the female lead in a horror movie, Greene is expected to deliver a shriek or two, but for her, there has to be more to the scream. "I'm not the ... horror movie-type girl," she said. "I think it has to have something behind it, and you're not just screaming to scream. Mine is kind of from the gut. It's a little different than the typical, 'Oooooh!' "

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