Dwayne Johnson Tweets From The 'Fast Six' Set

Fast Six

Dwayne Johnson just might be the person who is most excited about the release of "Fast Six."

His inclusion in last year's "Fast Five" helped revitalize the franchise, and he's been gushing about his excitement for the sequel seemingly since it was announced. Now filming has begun on the movie, and he's been tweeting up a storm to tease fans about the sixth installment of the "Fast and the Furious" franchise.

"'Beast & the Beauty'.. Me & my FAST 6 partner in ass kickins (and fun) @ginacarano #BadAssChick," Johnson tweeted along with the above picture.

Even though Johnson is one of the buffest dudes in Hollywood, it seems like he's not going to let his workout regimen suffer just because he's on set. If anything, he seems more committed to keeping himself looking great for the upcoming action movie.

"3:35am. London. AM cardio starts now.. then breakfast, then hit the weights, then on to set of FAST 6. Let's roll.. #OwnIt" he tweeted last night.

And just because he really wants to keep us up-to-date on the growth of his biceps, Johnson tweeted three hours later, "Great AM cardio in beautiful London - handled & done. Workout #2 starts now before heading to set of FAST 6.. #HitTheIron."

Since you're being so fast and loose with that camera, Mr. Johnson, why don't you send us a few more set pictures while you're at it? We're sure director Justin Lin wouldn't be too put out about the added buzz for "Fast Six."

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