Tom Hardy And Michael Shannon Join Forces For 'The Long Red Road'

Long Red Road

Bane, meet Emperor Zod. Or should we instead say: Tom Hardy, meet Michael Shannon.

The two actors-turned-iconic villains will be teaming up in the upcoming adaptation of Brett C. Leonard's play, "The Long Red Road." Variety broke the news, saying that Hardy will play a man named Sam who turns to drinking to escape his problems, while Shannon will play his older brother. No word yet on who will play Hardy's character's daughter, which is a major role in the story.

This is familiar territory for Hardy, as he starred in the debut run of "The Long Red Road" when Philip Seymour Hoffman directed it in Chicago back in 2010. He earned some good reviews for the role, and we're assuming that that is why he was brought back to star in the feature length film. No word on whether Hoffman will be involved as well, but we're crossing our fingers that he will have this be the second film he directs. Hoffman also helmed 2010's "Jack Goes Boating."

"The Long Red Road" tells the story of Sam as he escapes to an Indian reservation in South Dakota to drink away his past. But his daughter arrives unexpectedly and changes all of that by forcing him to come face-to-face with the person he has turned into.

There are a number of young actresses we'd love to see tackle the role of the daughter in this film. Chloe Moretz and both Dakota and Elle Fanning have proved time and again that they have the stuff to face off against actors as intense as Hardy and Shannon, but even Abigail Breslin, Hailee Steinfeld or Shailene Woodley would be great for the part. Our only hope is that the actress picked for this is able to leverage it into a breakout role.

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