Exclusive 'The Dictator' Clip Will Force You To Laugh

Before you watch this exclusive clip from the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of "The Dictator," you should probably think about what you value the most and how it would feel if that was taken from you and held ransom for your laughter. This is General Aladeen we're talking about here.

In the exclusive extra, Sacha Baron Cohen disappears once again into another eccentric character, this time the cruel leader of Wadiya, General Aladeen. The supreme ruler has apparently taken an audience member's child hostage in order to ensure her enjoyment of the film.

Though the Blu-ray and DVD for "The Dictator," featuring the above clip, don't hit shelves until next week, you can buy the film right now over at iTunes using this link.

"The Dictator" comes outs on home video on August 21.

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