'RoboCop' Remake Script And Scene Details Stir Controversy


While the casting in Jose Padilha's upcoming "RoboCop" remake has us really excited, there are some other elements of the movie that are giving us a bit of pause. Now plot points from a recent draft of the script have been leaked, and -- if they're true -- we're hoping the project gets a major makeover before it hits big screens.

Drew McWeeny over at HitFix has been tweeting up a storm about the current script for the movie, which he managed to get his hands on. The screenplay, which was written by "Gran Torino's" Nick Schenk, seems aware of the first "RoboCop" and self-referential at least, but McWeeny claims that "satire," which the original movie was rife with, "seems low on [MGM and Sony's] list of priorities." Ouch. Spoilers after the jump.

Many of McWeeny's tweets, which have been kindly compiled by the folks over at ComicBookMovie.com, discuss the various incarnations of RoboCop that appear in the script. The first version of his suit looks like "a high-tech version of the '80s suit," but it's laughed out of the room in a focus group scene.

"He looks like a toy from the '80s!" one of the focus group members says.

The versions get "meaner" from there until the fourth version is ultimately a Transformer. "He goes from 'social mode' to 'combat mode' and back. Full transformation," McWeeny writes.

Despite his many complaints with the script, McWeeny says that once it "stops all the winky-winky crap and just starts telling a story, it's not terrible. But it's way too late.If you can get past Robocop The Transformer, there are some interesting action beats. And I'm sure Padilha will direct the hell out of it." Consider us skeptical for now. But it turns out that some of those action beats might be closer to the original film than we had originally realized.

Niagara Classic Transport is providing custom vehicles for the upcoming "RoboCop" remake and the company's president, David Mole, has told St. Catherines Standard (via CBM) that they've been commissioned to help "recreate a catastrophe that happened in the original story." It sounds a bit like Clarence Boddicker's brief reign of mayhem in Detroit City might be coming to the new "RoboCop" film, despite the fact we don't know who is playing a version of Boddicker's character.

Have these two new "RoboCop" rumors changed your opinion of the movie? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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