Luke And Leia Go Back To High School In Dailies!

Star Wars

As much as it pains us to think of another "Star Wars" cash grab, we'd probably watch a cartoon about the high school versions of the characters.

Also, see a "Raid" sequel character, and get convinced you'll need to see "The Last Stand" in today's Dailies!

» Because the internet needs this edited together version of "Baby Got Back" with movie stars singing the song. [Gawker]

» This would make for an interesting Saturday morning cartoon. [io9]

Star Wars High School

» Gareth Evans tweeted out this character design for his upcoming sequel to "The Raid." [Badass Digest]

Raid Hammer Girl

» The Week takes a look at the "Stars Earn Stripes" controversy. [The Week]

» Check out the full track list from "The Master" soundtrack. [The Playlist]

» Here's a gif of Chloe Moretz practicing for "Kick-Ass." [Reddit]

Chloe Kiss-Ass

» The first poster for "The Last Stand" is the last one we'll need to see. [IGN]

Arnold Last Stand

» Sad news. "Eastern Promises 2" ain't happening. [The Playlist]

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